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Psychology Degree

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Direct Degree
c/o Ventura Direct Worldwide 60 Madison Ave New York, NY 10010

Services Offered: Psychology Degree Program, Career Test, Scholarship searches

Company Overview: Direct Degreeís mission is to provide comprehensive listings of online degree programs to consumers to make their educational decisions simpler. They also offer career tests and plenty of information on online education and scholarships. They have thousands of visitors weekly.

Our Review: Direct Degree is a great program. They have so much to offer consumers who are looking for a psychology degree. Aside from the obvious listings of different schools and degree programs, they also have tons of information so that consumers can make a more informed decision.

User Review: I love Direct Degree! They helped me find the best psychology degree program, and it only took a few hours for me to reach a final decision, rather than doing it on my own and spending days searching through all the different online degree programs. Iíve already told all my friends about this great website.

Monster Learning
c/o Monster.com
Online Only
link pending
Services Offered: Psychology Degree Program Search

Company Overview: Monster Learning was created by Monster.com, a leader in the online career search industry. They were created to provide a database of online schools and educational information for aspiring students.

Our Review: Monster Learning is yet another great resource for aspiring students to find the degree programs they desire. They have tons of great psychology degree listings, and even more helpful tips and information. Their website is very functional. Monster Learning should definitely be considered if you are looking for an online degree program.

User Review: Monster Learning is great! They found me a great psychology degree program, and helped me better understand the online education process. I am so grateful to them for all of their assistance; I definitely couldnít have done this without them.
Online Only
Link Pending
Services Offered: Psychology Degree Program Finder

Company Overview: Achieveyourcareer.com was formed to provide consumers with a database of online schools and information. They are affiliated with some of the top schools in the industry, and also provide information about online education and financial aid.

Our Review: This company is just one more resourceful place to go when searching for a psychology degree. They offer plenty of great listings, as well as helpful information. Their website is not nearly as professional or organized as some of the other companies, but they still provide a great service.

User Review: Achieveyourcareer.com wasnít my favorite company to work with. I couldnít navigate around their site very easily, so I had troubles finding what I was looking for. However, I did take some time to sort through what they had to offer, once I found it. Although I didnít use one of the schools they offered, I did appreciate the services they offered. They just need to make their website better.

Other Top Companies for Psychology Degree :  

University of Phoenix

Address :  4615 E. Elwood St.
Phoenix, AZ 85034


Kaplan University

Address :  888 7th Avenue
New York, NY 10106

Phone :  800-806-2705


E Learners.com

Address :  Hoboken, NJ



Address :  Online Only


How To Select The Best Company For Psychology Degree

When you make a decision to return to school, or to continue your education, it can be stressful. For many people, they never go back because they are afraid they will have to give up everything they have, but canít afford to quit their job or rearrange their lives for an education. Fortunately, the development in the past few years of online degree programs has made getting a degree much simpler. To find a good psychology program that fits your schedule, you simply need to keep a few helpful tips in mind. First of all, make the most of your resources. Instead of researching schools on your own, go to companies like Direct Degree, where you can get a comprehensive listing of psychology degree programs that are available for you. These websites are also great places to find information about online education so that you are informed. When sorting through and choosing between all the available psychology degree programs, all you need to do is use a little common sense. For example, if you find a cheap school that offers a psychology degree, but has a dubious reputation, you probably should cross that program off of your list. No matter how cheap their classes are, or how great their programs seem, nothing is more important than the reputation and background of the school itself. Another important consideration will be the schedules offered by each psychology degree program. If the options they offer as far as schedules go donít meet your needs, youíll have to keep on looking. And finally, you will need to consider, to some extent, the available financial aid and the overall cost of the psychology degree program. You donít necessarily want to find the cheapest program; instead you should compare what each school offers with the cost of the program, and then base your decision off of that information. Finding the right online school for a psychology degree doesnít have to be complicated, as long as you are prepared, informed, and use a little common sense when making your decisions.



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